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I feel that St. Michaels is a good school because it makes me feel important. The people don’t judge me for some weird reason. I don’t feel excluded in this school.

Celeste — 6th Grader


When I come here I feel safe because my friends are here and I feel happy here. It is fun at this school and I love it. My opinion is that this is the best school yet!

Joshua — Fourth Grader


I like St. Michael’s School because the school helps us grow in our faith. It’s also small so we know everyone, but we can still socialize. We have plenty of fun projects and field trips.


Natalie - 5th grader


I have a good time being here and meeting new people. I love seeing everyone not fighting, seeing people smile, it really gets you to smile. The little kids sometimes will hug you and it feels nice. You will get closer with God, everyone is very nice, I like the teachers and the chef.

Kara — 5th grader


St. Michael’s School is a really fun school.  The people are fun and nice and always there to help you.  The teachers are fun to be with.  St. Michael’s is a fun place to learn about God. 

Josephine — 6th grader


I like being at St. Michael’s School because people here get me and there’s barely any bullies. I also love our teachers, every single one!  They have the best ideas to solve problems like when kids are fighting the teachers automatically know how to solve the problem. And we get some of the best food in the world — I love the macaroni! I have so many friends here that are like me and have similar interests. At the public school I had friends, but my interests were much different than theirs.  But like I said, I love St. Michael’s and it’s a great school. I love this school so much!

Courtney — 5th grade student

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