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I have joyfully spent most of my teaching career at St. Michael’s School. We are accredited by the State of MN which means we teach all the subject areas you find in public schools.   I enjoy teaching Religion in addition to all the subject areas.  

We have been blessed with the ability to keep class sizes small. This allows me more one to one time with students.  With the individual attention I believe children flourish.  Academics are given high priority at St. Michael’s. I am able to work with children who need a skill retaught, or enhance a child who is excelling. Children qualifying for special needs receive these service at the public school.  Students requiring additional help are part of our Barton Tutoring Program in our building. Diversity is honored here, God’s gifts in each child are nurtured, and children can grow in so much more than just academics!  It is a great place to spend your formative years! Come check us out!


- Debra McNamee

1st grade teacher, 25 years teaching experience


I enjoy working at St. Michael’s School because as soon as you enter the school you feel welcome.  The families, students, and staff truly become a second family.  The staff truly care for the students and want them to succeed in all subject areas.  The small class sizes enable teachers to give extra assistance to children as needed in order to give them the tools they need to succeed.


- Haley Rasmusson

2nd grade teacher, 5 years teaching experience


St. Michael’s School is a fabulous place to work. The best thing about it is you can come to school and share your faith with your students. I can teach them about God and share my beliefs with them. The school is small and has a sense of being one big family. We work together across grades and take care of each other. Students learn to help others and be ready to share their talents whenever help is needed. I enjoy working with large groups, small groups and one on one with my students. I also believe that each student is special and can achieve anything they need or want in life. I enjoy getting to know my students, share stories, and listen to their stories. As a class and school we pray, talk and laugh together. There isn’t a better place I could be because it is a pleasure to come to work. I just trust in the Lord to be with me at school each day.


- Jane Kozitka

3rd & 4th grade teacher, 42 years teaching experience

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