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The quality in education that we provide to our students depends on the generosity of our donors and volunteers.


Some of the many ways you can give to St. Michael’s School is by participating in one of our annual fundraisers.


As a donor to the Sister Yvonne Schafer Adopt-A-Student program for many years, I have several BIG reasons for continuing to give to this important effort.

1. This is Saint Michael’s and St. Joseph’s local mission, right here in our own backyard. I believe in giving where I am planted.

2. Many parishioners before me sacrificed and worked hard so my girls had a strong Christian/Catholic school to attend.

3. A high percentage of St. Michael’s students return to our diocese and become active members in their parishes. They are the future of The Church!

4. Return on investment is priceless!

-Darlene Spaeth




I give to St. Michael’s School because I believe in the power of a high quality, Catholic focused education. Both faith and education have the power to change the world for the better. Our parents and grandparents understood that as they struggled to keep the school alive for the last 90 years. This is my way to ensure that their legacy continues, and future generations can benefit from our investment today.




— Mark Jirik


St. Michael's School is currently embarking on our first-ever capital campaign


We are ready to work with you to create the most beneficial means for making your gift in support of our school.

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