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5 Reasons to Enroll Your Child at St. Michael's School


Excellent Academics

From 2012-2021, the Northwest Minnesota High school graduation rate was 79.6%, but students who completed their elementary school education at St. Michael’s went on to demonstrate a 95% graduation rate during that same time.   


Amazing Teachers

We have MN State licensed teachers that are kind are caring.  They go the extra mile to make sure your student is reaching their full potential.



St. Michael’s School is accredited through the Minnesota Non-Public School Accrediting Association since 1991.  We rigorously self-examine our school in all areas, especially curriculum! We use proven methods, not the latest fads, to ensure students are learning and growing.


Education in Virtues

We not only care about your child’s academics but also their character. At the beginning of the 2021-22 school year we implemented a new curriculum: Education in Virtues: Training students to live a Virtuous Life.  This has been an excellent piece of the puzzle, when it comes to discipline and behavior issues in our student body. 


Small Class Sizes

With the student–teacher ratio offered at St. Michael’s School, we offer each student individual attention in a caring family atmosphere.  Our class sizes allow for making flexible schedules, providing one on one attention, individualized instruction and small group activities possible to better meet the learning needs of each student.


Your Child's Future Begins Here!
Enroll Today!

  • Your tuition payments of $2,500 are your investment in your child's education.

  • Adopt-A-Student Scholarships are available for those who qualify to help with tuition costs. Your tuition can be greatly reduced. 

  • A portion of your child's education will be covered through school family fundraising and donations.

  • Fundraising helps support our operating budget and extras (books, trips, materials, and more).

  • St. Michael’s and St. Joseph’s parishes invest over $2,400 per child ($105,000) to cover administrative and building expenses

  • The Diocese of Crookston invests $50 per student and gives thousands of dollars in grants.

  • The total cost of educating a child at St. Michael’s School is $11,000. As our parish’s main mission, we help share the cost.

Tuition & Assistance

Sister Yvonne Schafer Adopt-A-Student

Families who are unable to pay the full tuition amount may request an Adopt-A-Student scholarship. Adopt-A-Student Scholarships are available for those with greatest need at St. Michael’s School. These funds will be paid from the Adopt-A-Student Program as tuition for those who qualify. One must apply for these scholarships, and provide the first 2 pages of your tax return when meeting with the Adopt-A-Student Scholarship committee (Pastor, Principal, St. Michael’s Parish Finance Council member). All information from this meeting will be held strictly confidential. 

Interested in Giving Back?

There are a variety of ways you can invest in our students' education, from non-cash donations to volunteering for fundraisers. 

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