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Faith. Family. Future.

Faith. Family. Future. Campaign Donors

Pillar $500,000 or more

Doug and Darlene Spaeth

Urban and Rita Neisen

  Builder  $250,000 or more

Anonymous #1

Cornerstone $100,000 or more

Mark Jirik

Dave and Pam Vipond

Ken and Helen Foltz

Founder  $50,000 or more

Anonymous #1

Bob and Diane Spaeth

Sharon Schoenborn

Framer  $25,000 and up

Fr. Dave Super

Knights of Columbus #2573

Architect  $10,000  or more

Mary Ann Dentz

Jill Bisek

Theresa Lehne

Duane and Bonnie Neumann

Alfred Houdek

Beam $5,000 or more

Chuck and Jennifer McNamee

David and Deb Kochmann

Gary and Rose Schlick

Glenn and Karen Hanson

John and Peggy Darco

Johnston Family Foundation

Kathy Bruggeman Janisch

Kevin and Tina Penner

Mark and Terry Ahmann

Megan and Michael Askelson

Paul and Betty Knowles

Rita Wolbeck

Roger Dziengel

Sarah and Steve Chalich

Steven and Susan Zimmerman

Rafter $1,000 or more

Alice Muckenhirn

Bishop Victor Balke

Cynthia Schlick

Dan and Deb McNamee

Dave and Beth Eiynck

Dave and Juanita Zimmerman

David Olson

Debra Bisek Gerber

Father Chuck Huck

Father John Kleinwachter

Father Pat Sullivan

Glen Klinkhammer

Irene Neisen

James Beuning

James Bisek

James Mazour

Janet Dewey

Jeff and Nancy Bisek

Jon and Cathy Buggy

John and Janet Then

John and Ann Zettel

Keith and Rita LaVoi

Larry Morrison

Marcia and Myron Hendrickson

Mark and Terry Ahmann

Mary Jane Ahmann Langseth

Mary Jo McNamee

Mike and Nancy Flicek

Mike and Vivian Schoenborn

Monica McNamee

Rob and Mary Super

Roger and Peggy Francis

Ron and Renee Ahmann

Wayne and Karen Ahmann

#1 Anonymous

Carpenter $500 or more

Diane Osenga

Donald Neisen

Geraldine Walz

Jared Reining

John Jirik

John and Paulie Neisen

Jerry LaVoi

Ken and Linda Svenby

Kristen and Greg Liebl

Patricia Collison

Ray and Sandy Klinkhammer

Steven Simon

Brick- up to $500

Altaf Hussain

Anonymous #1

Anonymous #2

Anonymous #3

Anonymous #4

Anonymous #5

Anonymous #6

Anonymous #7

Aaron Miller

Adrienne Aiken

Brea Scott

Bonnie McNamee Fritz

Brent and Jodi LaVoi

Bridget Peaco

Carolina Vargas-Iriarte

Christi Jastram

Craig and Kristine LaVoi

Christina Berry

Cynthia Keough-Erdmann

Dale Sayers

Daniel Duff

Daniel Garney

Darlene and James Krajsa

Daniel Rose

David and Brenda Geray

Ed Pavek

Ekpo Clements

Eloise Kettner

Elouise Friesen

Emmaline Garcia

Faisal Esaadi

Frank Hammons

Heath Rice

Holly Caskey

George Widman

Greg and Lori Boyum

Javon Jefferson

Jazmin Frear

John Gernes

John McKeever

John Wilke

Jonathan Cruchley

Joseph Sarabok

Kathy Spaeth Watt

Kathryn Spring

Laura Phalen

Lucille Baukol

Lynette Vinson

Marina Bruggeman

Mary Bjerk Trautner

Michael Nelson

Patrick Jirik

Richard and Darleen Andring

Robert Lebacken

Sandra Sampson

Sara Gjerdevig

Steven Goering

Way to Give

Thank you to each and everyone for their sacrificial giving to the Faith. Family. Future Campaign!

IRA, Stocks & Bonds

IRA, Stocks and Bonds are a fantastic way to donate. By making a gift of appreciated securities, you may avoid paying capital gains tax. If you are over 70 ½ years old, you may also be eligible to make a Qualified Charitable Distribution, or QCD gift, from your IRA assets of up to $100,000 per year with no tax complications. These types of gifts must be transferred directly and count towards your minimum required distribution.

Farm Assets

Gifts of grain, soybeans, farm equipment, and real estate are welcome and provide farmers specific tax advantages.

Wills & Bequests

Providing for St. Michael’s School in your will can have significant
federal and estate tax advantages.


For additional information please contact Tina
Penner (Development Director) at 218-902-0611.

Honorariums or Memorial

Gifts can be made in honor or memory of a loved one. Named burses will be held within the endowment and may continue to receive contributions in memory.

One-Time Gifts

One-time gifts can be made using check, credit card, direct debit, or cash. Always consult your tax advisor for possible tax benefits.

Enriching the lives of our children depends on the generosity of our donors.

Thank you for taking the time to pray and consider a gift to our Campaign. If you are unable to support us at this time, we would greatly appreciate your prayers for the success of our Campaign and forthe continued ministry of St. Michael’s School to our students, their families and the Mahnomen Community.

Campaign Meetings

In May of 2023, part of our campaign process was campaign information meetings held for St. Michael's and St. Joseph's Parishes. 

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